Sunday, May 26, 2024

Cooking is an art

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, thus only good food will make him stay.

Gaborone Sun boosts of chefs who can make a man a regular customer. The chefs have seen it fit to educate the women and men who will like to spoil their loved ones as part of the Maitisong Festival.

The chefs of Gaborone Sun had a demonstration at Maitisong that was intended to enlighten the views that they are artists by nature. Chefs showed off their skills, led by the executive sous Chef Grant Read. The team was composed of different nationals, all in the name of good food and all of them have traveled around the world or, at least, three continents.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Read said that “the basic training for one to be a chef is 3 years, then the rest you can learn on the job.” Read, who has 18 years experience in this field, thanked the Botswana community for allowing such talented chefs into the country as they also learnt great Setswana cuisine from the local chefs.

Chefs are like artist, they need all the 5 senses to prepare a magnificent dish. This has led them to go out and try to educate the general public on how to cook good food. These chefs believe they can prepare a meal from any part of the continent.

At the same event, Chef Abraham Jere, who is half Zambian and half Zulu, prepared a starter of smoked salmon with a fruit salsa, topped with warm mustard and lemon cream dressing.
Chef Luxchman Devtani, from Karachi, Pakistan, prepared a main course of Lamb Rogan josh with Zeera rice.

French Chef Guillaume Sanchez sealed the night with a Tiramisu dessert.
During the first Friday of October, the chef of Gaborone Sun will host an event where the entire action taking place in the kitchen will be shown on the big screen, viewed by audiences that will later on dine on the food.

This show will have 6 different main course meals. The proceeds of the event will be donated to a charity organization that works with children. At the same event, different forms of entertainment will be available.

As is the norm, this month’s theme is kebabs, a variety of all this will be available even at the buffet. The theme for the month of June is Japanese cuisines, where Chef Devtani will be putting his artistic ability to the test.

Every month, a different chef takes on a different theme for the month and showcases what kind of artist he/she really is. This kind of experience, where there are many different chefs under one roof can only be experienced at any Sun Internationals Hotels.


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