Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Chibuku excluded from proposed restrictions

To the amazement of ‘Ntlo ya dikgosi’ the ministry of Trade and industry has decided to leave out Chibuku from the proposed liquor sale regulations.

Minister Neo Moroka was briefing the house about the regulations which were stalled by parliament two months ago just when they were about to be implemented.

Minister Moroka said his ministry was in limbo in as far as chibuku sale is concerned and that at present nothing was in place.

His comments did not augur well with the house as the chiefs complained that chibuku was the major source of all evils around.

Kgosi Kalaben and the new member of ‘Ntlo ya dikgosi’ Kgosi Puso Gaborone commented that most offences be it murder or rape come from shebeens-where chibuku is sold without hindrance.

They said it was unwise for the government to leave the sale chibuku behind when other forms of alcohol were about to be regulated.

Gaborone further said since the sale of chibuku will not be regulated most people will drink chibuku at the shebeens and thereafter throng the bars in the evening.

“Ga go thuse sepe. Ba a go tshwenya ba bangwe ko dibareng-It is useless. They will drink chibuku at the shebeens and later go to the bars’, said Kgosi Gaborone.

Kgosi Seboko of Balete also decried the moral decadence of the children because of the sale of chibuku in the homes and wished it could also be dealt with.

“May be the children will learn better at school without disturbance from the shebeens,” said Seboko.

In the end it was apparent that the house was against the exclusion of Chibuku.

The minister assured the house a positive step towards addressing their concerns.


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