Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Chiefs in right royal mess

No sooner had the storm cleared at the BTC Premiership giants Mochudi Centre Chiefs which has been riven by internal fights, than another dark cloud started forming. 

The team’s two warring factions, Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting club and Mochudi Centre Chiefs Trust which tried to resolve their differences outside court are now mired deeper into the scrimmage.

 The two parties were advised to settle their dispute outside court, but their differences are deepening.

While the club held its elective general assembly on the 5th August 2017, Mochudi Centre Chiefs sporting club has dismissed resolutions of the elective general meeting citing non compliance of the Court order by the Mochudi Centre Chiefs Trust. In a letter dated 7th August addressed to the Director of Registrar of Societies, Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting Club informed the office that the resolutions of the club’s elective general assembly were unlawful. ‘’We inform your office that the elective general meeting was held on the 5th August 2017 in Mochudi even though the Society (Applicant) had withdrawn from the Transitional Committee. Resultantly by holding the said elections, Mochudi Centre Chiefs Trust which is a member of the Transitional Committee, is not complying with the terms of the Court order of the 22nd February 2017,” read the letter.

A court order before Honourable Justice Tau in Lobatse on the 22nd February 2017 ordered that both parties have agreed to form a transitional committee to run the club from 1st July 2017 that comprises nine members, three each from both parties and three elders identified by both parties. However, the Ramocha Tsieng led faction is complaining that the court order has since been disregarded by the respondents being the Mochudi Centre Chiefs Trust.

Through their lawyer S.G Mariri Attorneys, Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting club addressed a letter to Raymond Tsheko prior to the elections that they seek postponement of the elections as the continuous disregard of the court order will only lead to a litany of legal proceedings. This follows a withdrawal from the transitional committee by the society claiming non compliance by the respondents.

‘’There was no due handover of the control and management of the club by the respondent to the interim committee. There has not been preparation and submission of the report of the handover by Mochudi Centre Chiefs Trust; as such the Transitional Committee is not abreast with the finances and administration of the club. Our client informs us that, a resolution was taken without their input and consent of the applicants, to hold elections on the 5th August 2017. We advise that from reading of the Court order, lack of input by members who have been appointed to manage the club, the elections must surely be postponed,” read a letter from Mariri Attorneys dated 28th July 2017.

Two days prior to the elections, Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting club addressed another letter to the transitional committee chairman Christopher Molomo on the 3rd of August citing lack of compliance in accordance of the Court order. ‘’Clearly, the committee is not complying with the terms of the order and the progress so far leaves much to be desired. We cannot leave the situation to continue without progress. We have not officially been informed of the progress and status of the proposed elective general meeting. In terms of the order, the committee shall recommend a body that will supervise the said election. We are clearly in the dark as to who has been recommended to undertake supervisory role regarding the elections and we further ask whether the transitional committee is in control of the club in terms of the order or the respondents are still running the show,” narrated the letter.



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