Friday, February 23, 2024

Chitube ÔÇô the story DCEC and security agents tried to kill

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) is the lynchpin of an elaborate crime network that helped raise funds for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) elections campaign ÔÇô leaked documents compiled by deported Zambian national, Jerry Chitube claims. The documents further reveal plans to create a slush fund for the BDP using dirty money from DISS tenders. Chitube, a trained intelligence operative was a security advisor to the BDP. It is believed the damning documents are what the DCEC and security agents were looking for when they raided the Botswana Gazette newspaper offices and arrested their lawyer Joao Salbany last week.

Chitube claims that the BDP election campaign was financed through proceeds from diamond smuggling, masterminded by the DISS which was working with some insiders at the Diamond and Narcotics Squad (DNS) and the Orapa and Jwaneng mines. Among issues that the DCEC investigated against DISS Director General, Isaac Kgosi was how his company, Silver Shadows was awarded a tender to offer security services to Debswana diamond mines under questionable circumstances.

Chitube claims that the DISS role in the diamond smuggling racket was to act as facilitator, source, secure and ensure safe transportation of the consignments out of the Orapa mine because of tight security, even at the border gates. According to the documents some of the proceeds from the dealings were used to finance the BDP campaigns and preparations prior to the general elections. Chitube, who has confessed to being part of the diamond smuggling ring talks of a meeting he had with, DISS Director Isaac Kgosi, a BDP businessman whose case was recently dismissed by court, Zambian businessman Harry Tembo who had business dealings with the DISS and later died under mysterious circumstances and a diamond dealer (name known to this publication).

The documents state that the diamond dealer introduced Chitube to Kgosi and promised that should he prove himself he would be directly linked to DISS director. It also emerged from the documents that as the diamond dealer was advising Chitube, the DISS Director General was in a deep conversation with Harry Tembo. According to the documents, Chitube was introduced to Harry Tembo through his younger brother, Bernard Tembo who is reportedly on the run. At one point, Chitube was detained and interrogated by the DISS agents about the whereabouts of Bernard Tembo. It also emerges from the documents that the agents who were working with Chitube in the diamond dealings helped him to obtain a Botswana Identity card under false pretence.

Chitube further claims that he was part of a plan to work with Reggie Reatile, then a member of the Parliament Intelligence oversight Committee to create a slush fund for the BDP from DISS tenders. “The plan was to set up a trust fund to cater for some “BDP politicians especially those not doing well to boost them.” The notion was for Batswana to know that BDP still cares for Batswana. “Then I found out the hard way, that in as much as DISS claims not to engage in politics, they control the BDP.

As to Kgosi’s role in BDP matters, it’s all about information. What does he know that can keep the flock in one kraal…Be it tapping phones or just general information…..” state the leaks. Prior to the BDP Youth League Congress that was held in Masunga, certain members of the party approached Chitube to contest for the chairmanship. “Since certain people approached me to run for the position I figured that Reggie would make that happen,” state the leaks. In turn Chitube was going to boost Reggie’s profile. “In the process we would make loads and loads of money and push what he liked to term the BDP agenda. BDP would finally fulfil its mandate. One of the mistakes I made was wanting my payment in advance…..”

Chitube further claims that some of the companies that win government security tenders are owned by people who are fronting for BDP big shots. The investment through these companies, the documents say, is to ensure that there is control of opinion within the BDP and government policies even when the current leadership has left office. Chitube was a security advisor and also authored some documents on how the BDP should be relevant to the ordinary Batswana even after a dismal performance at the just ended polls.

As a result of the constitution that prescribes that the President can appoint judges on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission, and the Attorney General who reports directly to the President some cases and in the future will be tried and dismissed before they reach the court as long as they involve those in the echelons of power, the documents claim. Both Kgosi and Reatile have since dismissed denied any links with Chitube.


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