Saturday, March 2, 2024

Spy vs. Spy: Chitube vows to bring down Isaac Kgosi

Zambian national, Jerry Chitube who was bundled out of Botswana by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) fears for his life because he has a lot of dirt on DISS director general Isaac Kgosi and other influential leaders ÔÇô secret documents passed to Sunday Standard reveal.

Chitube, a trained intelligence operative has revealed how he kept taps on DISS Director General Isaac Kgosi, “so that I know what he knows.” The leaks reveal how Chitube subscribed for surveillance software used to eavesdrop on phone conversations so that he could have Kgosi’s phones tapped. “You know there is software you use to run taps on phones.

So I subscribed to have Isaac Kgosi tapped. For a whole week I knew what he knew,” Chitube states in the leaks. The document state that the result is that Chitube has information on Kgosi from a number of his mobile phones. “Some of those tapes depending on the legalities are to bring him to his knees after my application in court is successful. Mr Kgosi may or may not be aware of this. But I believe he is: Hence I was termed to be a security risk.”

Chitube has been declared a prohibited immigrant and deported. The leaks also suggest that Chitube intends to challenge his deportation in court. The leaks also detail phone surveillance and phone taps on BDP members and citizens by DISS. In a statement Kgosi stated that “Jerry Chitube has never been engaged or worked for the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services in any capacity,” adding that such reports were another desperate attempt to tarnish the name of DISS and its leadership.

“I found out the hard way, that in as much as DIS claims not to engage in politics, they control the BDP. As to Kgosi’s role in BDP matters, it’s all about information.

What does he know that can keep the flock in one kraal…Be it tapping phones or just general information…..” state the leaks. Information gleaned from the same portion of the documents show that at a later stage, Chitube had direct links with the DISS boss. While the DISS claims to be partisan and apolitical, the documents allege that the security agency is involved in BDP politics and it is at the helm of the battle of the soul of the party.

Its role is to ensure that BDP activists toe the line and it spies on them; tapping their phones and general information. There is a BDP member who is also a DISS operative and has President Ian Khama’s ear because he acts as a link between DISS and BDP.


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