Sunday, July 3, 2022

Christmas holidays tend to be a prime season for criminals

We are approaching Christmas holidays; many of us will be leaving our houses going to spend holidays with our parents or going out with our friends and spouses.

This is the time to relax, be jolly and reunite with our long lost friends, but it is not always the case to some people.

Robbers get excited during Christmas.
Depression is on the rise, parties are going on and crime is on the rise. People are also getting in debt during this time. Robbers are gearing for investing with other people’s properties ranging from cell phones, television sets and many others in their households.

Such cases are announced on the radio and television daily, and people are warned to secure their households and take some of the possessions with them. Do you ever get to think of how you will prevent such incidences or it’s just the festive mood in mind?

It might not click on one head to take such measures but crime statistics show that the holidays are peak season for home robberies. To protect one’s home and belongings, it’s a good idea for home owners to increase their home insurance coverage during holidays.

The “ntebele ke go lebele”, (neighbourhood watch) police safety programme should get into place and it is one of the cheapest safety precautions one can always adhere to. This is where you ask your neighbour to take care of your house while you are away and to also attend to your visitors who might come around that time.

One more thing your trusted neighbour could do is to park the car in your garage while you are away, daily change the position of the curtains and blinds of your house, switch on an off the lights (to give the appearance of an inhabited house).

Do not leave the key hidden outside your home, as is the norm in every household. Valuables should not be visible through the windows or doors of your home. This also applies to purses and cell phones when walking in packed shopping malls; it’s easier to snatch it.

Valuable possessions such as laptops should be carried away, and should not be left in a car by the parking lot. Planning your travel route well in advance is helpful too.

Most people have a tendency of picking up hitchhikers along the way, as much as it is goodwill, it can also be dangerous for you the driver. You will never know if you are helping your own killers. Even when you are driving, never accept offers of rides from people you don’t know, especially if you are a lady and the car is packed with men.

Let family and friends know your travel route and what time you are expected to arrive, then call to notify them of your arrival.

The police and filling station are the best places to call for help if you are lost, or if you feel someone is following you or maybe your car breaks down.

Make sure your car is in good running condition before you leave home. Always keep your fuel tank over half full, especially when traveling.

Lastly make sure you leave everything maintained in order and all doors and windows are properly secured.
You need your neighbour more than anyone else around this time!


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