Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Christmas Shopping Fever

The festive season in Botswana is unlike any other season. It is as though this is the one time of the year that everyone has been eagerly anticipating and, when it finally arrives, there is an air of excitement that is hard to disregard. Places like restaurants, malls and various other hangout spots are abuzz with excited people with extra cash to spend on themselves and others. It is indeed “The season to be jolly.”

One place where the ‘festive fever’ is very evident is in the shopping malls around Gaborone. At Game City, for example, where The Sunday Standard took a stroll through to get a sense of what shopping trends there are during this time of the year, one gets a sense that shopping is a priority on many people’s ‘To Do’ lists.

Store managers at the various stores are very familiar with the fact that people are looking to spend money during the festive season.
“Festive season is a time when people are getting bonuses and people are going on shopping sprees,” said Modiri Botsang, the merchandise manager at Game.

In light of this, Game is providing various special offers on items that shoppers tend to buy during this time of year. Shoppers at Game can expect to find an array of products at reasonable prices. Goods that are in stock include Christmas decorations, camping goods, home entertainment products and children’s favorites like bicycles, PlayStation’s and plenty of toys.

Keeping up with one of the catch phrases that describe the Christmas season, “a time to give,” Game has embarked upon a humanitarian effort in an endeavor to give back to the community. During the season, Game will be providing a gift-wrapping service for P10 a package. P5 of the profits gained from this gift-wrapping service will be donated to disabled group’s charities.

One of the many shoppers around Game City, Setlhomo Obakeng, was also caught in the spirit of giving whilst on her shopping spree. When asked what she was shopping for, she informed The Sunday Standard that she was acting as a ‘Secret Santa’ for the day and was buying a gift for one of her colleagues.

Another benevolent shopper, Gofaone Mokgathi, was found buying a wedding gift for her sister who is getting married this festive season.
One is left asking themselves who is buying something for themselves this time of year, considering the fact that it is “A time for giving.”


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