Thursday, May 23, 2024

The festive fever!

As always, nothing will stop this time of the year to make its mark in peoples’s hearts.

It’s really a good time for everyone. It’s full of excitement! Ke semphete ke go fete!

This period is full of action; clothing and food retailers always have smiles on their faces because this is really their time. Many people ignore rents, bills, and loans and really spend on what tends to be unbudgeted items. Institutions go on recess and people go on holiday to enjoy their bonuses!

I think January too will come, as always.

But the month is so dull that no one who is catching up with the festive fever wants to hear about it.

For many people, the festive memories tend to be full of sorrow. The main reason why I decided to write about the festive fever today! As we say hello 2011, we need to be in good shape, well prepared to face the challenges of a new year, win and move another step forward. Remember the journey to 2016 still continues!

We must try, and by all means to take care of ourselves. Many people try new things around this time and tend to find themselves in trouble! I think we shall live up to our goals and protect our life guiding principles as we have done for the whole of 2010 and before. For example, why would you work so hard for the whole year and then decide to over speed and roll your car a day before the New Year? Isn’t this time for celebrating your achievements safely and plan for more next year?

Why step backwards?

The festive season is known for being popular with road accidents. Many people lose lives and others get injuries that trouble them for years after. What’s our plan this year? Are you planning for zero ÔÇô fatal accident this year? If so, that’s beautiful.

If you tend to occasionally enjoy drinks, you can still do that during this festive season but do it responsibly. Don’t take too much. It can be difficult at times but just try. You will never know that you can do until you try. It’s quite easy! Most of the time you take too much because of offers from your ‘buddies’.

Just politely reject the offers and may be concentrate in what you have budgeted for. If you have never tasted liquor before don’t start now because you may be doing it for wrong reasons.

Excitement is not a valid reason for tasting liquor now! Mind you, many people started drinking during this time of the year, went on, became addicted and are now struggling to pull out!
It’s now a time for many vulnerable to get poisoned with drugs, and most of the time casual drugs, some over the counter and prescription drugs. Beware! Some drugs are mixed with food, drinks, or flour to make muffins. Some people become victims when some powder is thrown into their open glasses of liquor when they leave to the bathroom. Take it with you buddy or rather avoid glasses and use your bottle. Don’t trust anyone, rather trust yourself!

I really didn’t mean to offend anyone but was just offering a brotherly advice. I believe we shall ensure that our drivers will not drink and drive. If they do, we shall ask them to give the keys to a sober driver who is part of the ‘crew’. I think drivers shall ensure that pedestrians are safe, knowing that they too become pedestrians when they get out their cars. We shall not over speed because speed kills. We are part of a responsible society and thus we shall not buy liquor for kids. When a colleague shows signs of intoxication, we shall ask him to retire and go home. We shall use our money wisely and save for January to avoid the headaches that the month is popularly known for. Enjoy responsibly.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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