Thursday, July 18, 2024

Church rejects legalizing abortion in Botswana

The church has reiterated its firm position against abortion, noting that ‘abortion is absolute murder’.

Pastor Biggie Butale, head of the Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana, said the Church will never accept the act of abortion or it being legalised.

“Such an act is morally inadmissible, because it is murder; the right to life underlies all other rights and we can never support murder of innocent unborn babies that cannot retaliate,” Butale said. “As the church we unite in the defense of life, repudiating any attempts to legalize abortion in our country.”

Butale unequivocally condemned legalizing abortion saying, “Legalising abortion is alien to our culture, to our faith as a people and cannot be accepted.”

Last week on Monday, the Assistant Minister of Local Government, Botlogile Tshireletso, responding to the budget speech, called upon government to legalise abortion.

“Just recently, we read about six heads of infants which were found in a bucket. In another incident we heard about how dogs dug out the head of a dumped fetus,” Tshireletso said. “These things are worrisome. They are the works of backyard abortions. I therefore call on government to make abortion legal so that desperate pregnant women can have access to safer, legal and decent abortions.”

Butale noted that if Botswana moves into legalising abortion, “God’s wrath is inevitable upon our country”.

“Pregnancy is not a disease or condition that women can say it’s beyond control,” he said. “Pregnancies can be avoided.”

Botswana has recorded several cases of baby dumping and backyard abortions, which in most cases have resulted in loss of life.

Recently, six decomposing heads of babies were found in a bucket in Mulambakwena Village.
Butale said all human life is sacred and valuable and cannot be equated to any material things.
“The main reason for abortion is selfishness and being self centered; women are opting for abortion because they don’t want the baby to interfere with their career, education, or comfort.”

Butale said if the nation accepts legalising abortion then we become less human.
“We cannot legalise murder; that is opening up the gates of hell,” he said.


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