Thursday, June 13, 2024

Churches urged to play role in issues of national interest

Church leaders have been urged to actively participate in matters of national interest instead of taking a backseat.

“The church should play a more aggressive role in the social, political and economic development of the country,” said Reverend Butale, who is the chairperson of the African Independent Evangelical Churches (AIEC).

Butale said the church must not shirk away from tackling societal issues for fear of becoming unpopular among some people. He said the church should come out of the shell and perform its role in showing the way, which he termed the ‘prophetic role’.

“It is the role of the church to give guidance on what and how to run the country,” he said.

The church is, no doubt, one of the most strategic social institutions that not only shapes public opinion and people’s daily lives, but also defines people’s being and identity. The church can show direction in the smooth running of the economy, in social justice, he said.

In addition, Butale said erroneous things are happening in the country and the church has taken a back seat.

“It’s not acceptable; the church has to play its role,” said Butale, adding that the church cannot ignore wrong things happening. He said that the church should be able to give a determination on what is right or wrong.

Butale pointed out that the church’s guidance and interventions remain very relevant, particularly for the young people.

“We should teach our children that we are a Christian nation and we are not Muslim or Hindu nation; if the church is quiet, how will they know,” he said.

Butale further said the moral fabric of society seems to be unraveling at an alarming speed.
“Our country has become a frightening place to live, heinous acts like rape, Satanism, homosexuality, prostitution and murders are on the rise in Botswana,” he said.

He added that it is through the church that people can bring sanity into the country. He added that youths have lost their moral compass and need to be redirected.

Butale said President Ian Khama has lambasted corruption but the church is quiet about it as if they don’t care or they are in support of corruption.

“The Church needs to say something about these issues,” he said.


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