Monday, May 27, 2024

Cigarette bust nets armed robbery suspects

A recent raid on cigarette smugglers in Jackalas II Village also led to the arrest of the smugglers over a previous armed robbery case in Francistown in January.

Acting from a tip off from members of the public, Tshesebe Police pounced on unsuspecting cigarette smugglers and managed to confiscate 218 boxes of cigarettes. Some of the cigarettes were hidden along the nearby river while the rest were packed in two trucks with Botswana registration.

While the truckers initially ran away, they were recaptured by the police and handed to the Botswana Unified Revenue Service for charging. However, after a careful search of one of the trucks, the police discovered a barrel of a shotgun that reminded them of a recent armed robbery incident in Gerald Estates in Francistwon.

On 13 January 2006 thieves broke into a farm belonging to Mrs Bekker in Gerald Estates just behind Tatitown Primary School. Among the numerous things that they stole was a shotgun. The barrel found in the truck matched the description of the one that Mrs Bekker said was stolen.

The cigarette smugglers Sikhali Paika and Simba Abednico Murima, both Batswana residing in Gaborone, found themselves in additional trouble as they were now prime suspects in a previous robbery. They appeared before court in Francistown on Friday and have since been remanded in custody. They will appear again for mention on December 7.


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