Sunday, June 23, 2024

Cinderella: The Setswana version

As the festive season approaches, the Cinderella cast is busy with rehearsals in preparation for the play which runs from the 10-24TH December. 

But this is no ordinary Cinderella.

The director and producer of the play, Aldo Brincat, has opted to adapt the play in a way that Batswana will be able to relate with and appreciate such work of art.

Explaining the play’s storyline, Brincat points out that at first he could not settle on a storyline that was uniquely Botswana and Universal at the same time. He explains this was particularly hard because he wanted something that kids could enjoy too. Eventually he did manage to settle on an angle that explores things the other way around, a universal story that would be easily transferable into┬áa Botswana┬ásituation.

The storyline focuses on Cinderella, the daughter of a widower who is a soldier with the BDF – until the ugly step sisters play a nasty trick on her┬á and she inherits the nickname Cinderella.

The fairy godmother in the play will be a sangoma and the events unfold in Gaborone.

There will also be the use of modern technologies in the production, along with contemporary music and dance.

Commenting more on the play, Brincat says that, “I have seen many productions of Cinderella and I realised in a flash that this would be a perfect,┬ágentle and fun production for all kinds of families to see this coming Christmas holiday.”

He says the aim is to give the audience real value for their money when it comes to a live show.
Cinderella is a world famous story about a girl who suffers abuse at the hands of her two stepsisters and their mother after her father remarries prior to her mother’s death. After all the abuse, Cinderella eventually gets married to the prince and she finds her happiness.

Aldo is the Head Of Department of drama at Maru-a-pula Secondary School and has produced recognised plays, such as Love and death on Kgale Hill and Twenty Thebe Love, among others.

Other names behind the show include Moratiwa Molema  (MoMo productions) and Mandi Mash of Mandi Mash cabaret.


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