Thursday, March 23, 2023

CKGR boreholes hit salty water table

Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve activist Jamunda Gakelebone says that efforts by diamond mining company, Gem Diamonds, and a South African company, Vox United, to drill water boreholes for inhabitants in the CKGR have only been successful in Mothomelo as water in Metsimanong and Molapo settlements has proved not fit to drink as it is “salty”.

He said that this has been a great setback as they had thought the Settlements inhabitants would by now have abundant water they require for their daily chores.

”We have been greatly disappointed by this and just wish that our plans will one day be realized,” said Gakelebone.

He added that currently they are still looking for funds from donor organasations in order to make the salty water drinkable or drill other boreholes in the areas.

“We are just praying that some good Samaritans will come to our assistance as they have done in the past.”

Drilling of water in the Settlements follows after protracted legal cases in the country’s Courts in which the residents of the Settlements were demanding that government provides them with services, including water.

The government, on the other hand, declined, saying she would not provide services inside the game reserve and that the residents should go to established Settlements where they would be provided with water and other amenities.

They declined to move out of the CKGR and finally the Court of Appeal ruled in their favour that they could drill water in the CKGR but at their own expenses.


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