Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Kopong hit by water shortage

Villagers in Kopong have for the past three weeks been struggling with serious water shortages.The Telegraph is informed that Kopong villagers had to resort to collecting rain water to assist the village schools which are the hardest hit. The situation is even worse for households that use water reticulation as their sanitation systems have become clogged.

A teacher at one of the village schools, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they have not received any communication from the authorities regarding the water shortage.

Villagers have since resorted to using vehicles to collect water from neighboring villages such as Gakuta, Mmatseta and Lentsweletau. The Kweneng Council also came to the rescue, using water bowsers to supply the schools with water. However, the school head has revealed that the water is not enough as it does not last. He also said they have been using stored rain water for cooking and drinking.

Kweneng District Council, Acting Deputy Council Secretary-Technical Services, Kister Mogapi told The Telegraph that water supply to the village was interrupted after the borehole broke down.
“The Ministry of Local Government is funding a water project for the village and the entire water system will be rehabilitated. During peak demand, the existing system cannot cope with consumption”, added Mogapi.

Kopong gets water from Sasakwe boreholes, which also supplies Lentsweletau, Medie, Dikgathong, Kgope and Ramankhung.


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