Thursday, June 20, 2024

Coach pleads for positive attitude towards the Zebras

As the Botswana national team, the Zebras, prepares for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) games in Gabon next year, the assistant coach of the team, Kenneth Mogae, has urged Batswana to build a positive mental attitude towards their team and give it support.

Speaking during the fundraising dinner for the team last weekend in Francistown, Mogae said that if Batswana build a positive attitude towards their team, it would also help build the confidence among the players.

The assistant coach assured the participants that, like any other team that will be participating at the games, the Zebras team is fully prepared and is ready to face its opponents.

“There is totally no point for Batswana to fear or worry, because we are equally prepared so there is need for a positive mental attitude and support for our team,” he said.

He added that that Batswana need to believe in their team and tirelessly give it support as this will also motivate the players. Mogae said that for one to succeed in each and every endeavor, he or she has to believe in themselves and build a positive attitude. He said that if Batswana do not positively support the players, they could be demoralized and succumb to pressure during the games.
“A lot of people have been worried by the fact we will face football giants like Ghana and Mali, that should never cloud our hopes as we are equally prepared for the games,” he said.

The fundraising dinner, which was organized by Thuso Sports Welfare Association (TSWA), a nonprofit organization, is part of the continuing efforts by the organization to try and raise funds to support different sporting codes in the country.


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