Monday, December 4, 2023

BFA’s salary dilemma for the next Zebras coach?

Botswana Football Associations (BFA)’s dilemma in relieving senior national team coach is the fact that they might find it hard to pay his successor, Sunday Standard can reveal. A source at the BFA says the BFA would not have a big problem in compensating Tshosane the amount that exceeds P 1 Million but the biggest head ache is the astronomical figure needed to pay national team coaches.

Apparently coaches across Africa are not paid less than $ 25 000 (P220 000). Tshosane is reportedly paid around P 70 000 and paying more than that will cripple already beleaguered BFA. BFA are reported to be speaking to several coaches across the world, but the dilemma is the hefty salary.

“What I can tell you is that the BFA want Tshosane to go and are seriously looking for his replacement but the problem is that coaching a national team requires a lot of money. That’s why in most countries national team coaches are paid directly by the government but not the associations,” the source said. On the other hand, BFA are also reportedly considering incumbent Gaborone United coach, Major David Bright if they fail to bring someone from outside. Speculation about Bright’s likely appointment is fuelled by the fact that he is always seen at press conferences for the national team at the BFA’s Lekidi Centre. Efforts to contact the BFA were futile at time of going to the press.

On the other hand Tshosane was spitting fire at Friday’s press conference, saying only the BFA can relieve him from his duties and would not resign.


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