Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Compant to assist in saving relationships launched

The high rate of single parenting, divorce and lack of sincere partnerships between men and women in Botswana are a clear testimony of society losing its grip on moral standards.

Saddening as all this is, neither men nor women admit to have contributed to this erosion. However, the hope that issues of this nature can be rectified has prompted the birth of FEMINITY 1ST a 100 percent citizen-owned company, which intends to bring to the discussion desk all that can possibly contribute to the women’s happiness and also benefit the society at large.

The programme has been informed by the sad reality of lost relationships between women and men in Botswana, both in the work and social environments. Both men and women are responsible, to a large extent, of taking each other for granted and rubbing each other the wrong way.

The feminity program is intended to run quarterly under the slogan, “Proudly Feminine”, with the debut being held on the 2nd May 2013.

“This workshop, we are not putting any blame on either parties but instead seek to be a part of whatever correctional methods that can be used to tap in the consciences of women to make them aware of what they could gain or lose in respecting and embracing their femininity,” said Kefilwe Mukokomani, the managing director at FEMINITY 1st.

Mukokomani said the programme was motivated by the fact that women, through these workshops, are implored to rethink, reconsider, reevaluate their positions in the society and correctly position themselves.

“Through these interactive sessions as women we can take charge and enjoy this one life, through doing the acceptable and allowing ourselves to be appreciated and yet still drawing the boundaries of decency and build homes,” she added.

Mukokomani said either one of the parties has to remember the value of love and peace, and aspire to bring them home, an attribute which is natural to women.

To FEMINITY 1ST either way a decision has to be made to stop the wheel from turning the opposite way when we know we all thrive well, sexually, mentally and physically.

“Women in Botswana will as a unit reposition themselves once again in the community as the pillars of strength, mothers, success driven and especially decent with integrity as was our pride as Batswana women,” she said.

Mukokomani emphasized that this is not to say Batswana have lost their values nor is it to condemn efforts before this one but to actually help celebrate goodness and do away with all that deters us from being the exceptional women of virtue that our forefathers have imparted to us.

“We are calling clearly for an effort to build rather than break relationships that we can all acknowledge was not our latest focus,” said Mukokomani.


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