Friday, March 24, 2023

Conference to evaluate crime prevention programmes held

“For the Botswana Police Service to succeed in its core business, it should continue to mirror the society that it protects,” said the Commissioner of Police, Edwin Batshu, in his welcoming remarks at the National Conference of the Evaluation of Crime Prevention Programmes, which was held at Boipuso Hall last week Wednesday.

In terms of the Botswana Police Service National Development Plan (NDP 9) Strategy map, one of the primary objectives under the customer perspective is to ‘consult and collaborate with customer/stakeholders to ensure their safety as we work towards achieving the vision 2016 pillar of a safe and secure nation

In line with this objective, Batshu stated that the purpose of the event was to evaluate Crime Prevention Programmes in Botswana under the theme, “Building an Effective Community Policing Strategic Framework”.

Officiating at the seminar, the Honourable Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr. Phandu Skelemani stated that the development of this strategic document was made with the realization that the government cannot tolerate a situation where Botswana would continue to be engulfed by waves of crimes, such as murder, abuse of women and children, drug abuse, armed robbery, fraud and theft.

“We, therefore, found it imperative to take a clear stand against criminals and criminality because institutions such as the police, courts, prisons, and the activities that surround them only play a small part in crime prevention,” explained Batshu.

According to Batshu the aim of the conference was to inculcate a sense of partnership in crime prevention amongst communities in order to create neighbourhoods where inhabitants can pursue their daily lives in peace and harmony.

Adding on he said Batswana need neighbourhoods in which fundamental rights of the individuals are effectively protected with the support and cooperation of fellow citizen.


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