Monday, June 24, 2024

Mahalapye crime rate on the increase

Crime in Mahalapye has reached unprecedented levels.

On average the Mahalapye Police station receives thirty cases per day.

When he was transferred from Selebi-Phikwe to Mahalapye, deputy station commander, Tawana Tawana, wallowed under the illusion he was stepping into more comfortable territory.
But that was never to be.

“Against limited manpower, crime in Mahalapye has escalated to unfathomable levels. On average the station receives more than thirty cases per day, far much greater than Selebi-Phikwe, which records four to five cases,” said Tawana. “When I was initially transferred to this area, I believed it was a blessing. Little did I know much awaited me.”
Tawana was speaking on the sidelines of a police initiated gathering in Konyana Ward meant to sensitize and attract the community to assist police in combating crime.

Concerned over the “escalating crime statistics”, the station concluded that the “current dormant crime prevention committees were the ‘source of crime afflicting the area today’”.

“We would like to resuscitate the crime prevention committees in the area and appoint five able-bodied youths who would be volunteers to be engaged with police during patrols.”

Spurred by the gravity and seriousness of the crime commission in Mahalapye and the surrounding patrolling areas, the station has appealed for man-power assistance from other stations, which include Serowe, Palapye and Machaneng and has so far received some assistance.

“We are appreciative of the assistance provided by these stations,” Tawana said, adding that the personnel even managed to arrest a murderer who killed a patron at a bar.

Not only are the culprits giving the ordinary people sleepless nights, they also pounce on the unsuspecting big personalities.
The assistant superintendent relates a fresh incident this week in which Mahalapye East MP, Botumile Tshireletso, was dispossessed of her handbag whilst alighting from a vehicle at the Main Mall.

“It is really a serious business which needs cohesive forces from all of us.”


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