Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Consumers’ website launched in Botswana

A century ago globalization was an impossible dream but this dream has become a reality, thanks to the internet. Technology is evolving at a faster rate that the world has become one “global village”.

Consumers no longer need to visit their friends or ask their neighbors about the services they will have received; they can now log on to the internet and get as much information as they want.

This used to be more common in developed countries than in African countries; however Botswana has defied the odds. The primary objective of the Internet’s arrival was to ensure that researchers could easily access and exchange information.

Other “by products” are social networking, which has flourished on the internet simply because it symbolizes the original concept of the internet – individuals being able to exchange information.

OpenMarketBots is a social network for consumers that was created by Pheto Victor Tau.

Tau holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems with the University of Arizona in the United States of America. He created the website recently and went live on 22nd of November 2009 with the objective of networking consumers.

Tau said opening a website was the logical step because it enabled him to take the service onto the internet for the benefit of consumers. One could be anywhere in the world but as long as they buy the service in Gaborone they can register and submit their own experience with their own service provider.

There is need for consumers to make informed decisions the first time around, thus the creation of the website. Every consumer who purchases products or who buys a service in Gaborone can visit to file a report of the service they received.

Registration is required for one to be a member and membership is open to everyone in Botswana or outside who has bought service in Gaborone. The registration is free of charge.

Consumers should know that their messages can be useful not just to their neighbor but to the whole world.

Through sharing information about our buying experiences as consumers, we increase the likelihood of a happy outcome for consumers who research about the product or company before they purchase a product or service.

It is the vision of OpenMarketBots to become one single community of neighbours able to connect and exchange information freely about customer service. If consumers share information they will be able to protect each other from businesses whose only interest is the consumers money whilst compromising on the quality of products and services, while at the same time participating in the promotion of valuable service providers that have the consumer’s interest at heart.

To ensure unbiased and fair reports, the consumers are expected to register their personal information, though the information will not be for public consumption. Any information published is enforced to a strict report validation policy and information is submitted by registered members of the network.

Members should not be below the age of 18. OpenMarketBots enforces a zero tolerance policy honesty, the lack of which may result in immediate and permanent removal from the network for any member submitting false information.

Members should know that they can only report on an individual company or service provider once in two months.


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