Sunday, May 19, 2024

Drinking wine ÔÇô an art and a lifestyle

Drinking wine is not just another drinking habit; it is more of an art and a lifestyle, involving a lot of expertise, class and etiquette. Wines are so extravagant that one must know which foods go with which wines for example experts suggest that seafood goes down very well with dry white wine while the red wine is better suited with the red meats.

Local wine connoisseurs will this weekend be treated to the first ever Lengau, Wine Makers Expo at the Grand Palm on June 7th 2014.

Speaking at a pre-media briefing the managing director for Lengau, Riaan Marais explained that the Wine Makers Expo was an event to reckon with and should be marked in everyone’s diary as very important. It was at this briefing that the Lengau Wine Company team for the first time opened their very roomy wine tasting room.

Lengau Wine Company which is a subsidiary of Distill, has grown from strength to strength and they have established themselves as one of the biggest distributors in Botswana.

At the Wine Makers Expo, attendants should expect many popular brands like Zonnebloem, Flat Roof Manor, Durbanville Hills and many others. Marais explained that at that event alone, they plan on being host to 30 brands of wine, as well as 300 different wines for those attending to be able to share, compare and enjoy before making purchases.

This Expo, according to Marai,s also presents an opportunity for the wine lovers to interact with the wine makers and learn more about the different wines and what they represent, how they should be taken and how they must be served.

Tickets for the Wine Makers Expo are available for P100, and if one wants to make it a family event and bring the young ones for fun, food and games since those younger than 18 can get in for free.


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