Monday, January 17, 2022

Court denies alleged burglar bail

Francistown magistrate, Fortune Mukoma, refused to grant bail to Jabulani Caiphus of Gerald Estates in Francistown for his violation of bail on previous counts involving burglary and theft.

Caiphus faces two fresh counts of allegedly breaking into a house between the 3 and 25 September. He will assist the police with investigations. The accused is alleged to have broken into a house belonging to Gibson Fanikiso Kelapile stealing goods worth P8, 489.
Caiphus pleaded that he will assist the prosecution with the arrest of the other suspect who was involved.

The state said the accused men had a series of previous charges relating to theft and house and breaking. He was given bail but he violated the bail conditions.

The prosecutor instructed that the accused men will not be eligible for bail because he had already proven to be untrustworthy. He also added that the matter was still fresh so the accused man might temper with evidence.
Magistrate Mukoma informed the accused that he would not be granted bail as he had not followed the terms of his bail conditions.


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