Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Court of Appeal reconvenes next week

The Court of Appeal is scheduled to start seating next Friday on the 13 of January. The judges are, as usual, expected to hear appeals of both criminal and civil cases.

Amongst the appeals they are scheduled to hear is a high profile criminal appeal in which four members of the Botswana Defence Force are appealing against their sentence and conviction.

The four are Dzikamani Mothobi, who is the only one of the four currently on bail but who is appealing against a four-year imprisonment, three of which conditionally suspended; and Gotshosamang Sechele, Ronny Matako and Boitshoko Maifala, who are appealing against their 11-years’ imprisonment each.

They were convicted for the murder of John Kalafatis.

Another high profile appeal will be one in which Gotlhalosamang Gabaokelwe is appealing against two death sentences and 15 years for murder with extenuating circumstances.

Ramosweu Moatlhaping is scheduled to appeal against 15 years imprisonment for murder and four years imprisonment for unlawful wounding. The sentences are running concurrently.

Civil appeals will include one in which 18 former government employees who were dismissed from work are appealing against the decision to retire them under Section 15(3) of the old Public Service Act.

Another civil appeal will be one in which Continental Outdoor Media Botswana wants restoration of advertisement bill boards.

Yet another appeal will be one in which Mokganedi Rannatshe and 81 others are appealing against the decision of the High Court in a case they were suing Wayguard Security for shortfall in wages.

The Court of Appeal judges are also expected to hear an appeal brought before them by the National Amalgamated Local and Central Government and Parastatal Workers Union as well as the Botswana Land Board and Local Authorities Workers Union, which wants the judges to review proceedings of the High Court in their case against the Attorney General. Judgments are expected at the end of the session.


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