Sunday, June 16, 2024

Court of Appeal sits from 28 June

The Court of Appeal will start hearing appeal cases as from June 28, 2012.

Among those whose cases are to be heard is former Bakwena deputy chief, Edwin Kgosikwena Sebele.
Two years ago, Sebele was sentenced to five years imprisonment for stock theft. He had initially been sentenced to only four years by a magistrate but the sentence was later increased to five years by Lobatse High Court judge Ian Kirby on appeal.

Another high profile appeal scheduled to be heard during the session is one in which Louis Garvas Nchindo, his family business, Tourism Consortium Development, and Joe Matome are applying for leave to appeal their corruption conviction.

This follows after Lobatse High Court Judge Steven Monametsi Gaongalelwe had denied them to appeal to the Court after upholding their conviction. They were convicted for having fraudulently acquired a government plot by falsely claiming it was going to be used for advancing government policy of economic diversification when they knew this was false.

Serial criminal Edward Mzwinila will also appeal his 15 years jail sentence for robbery.
There will also be several murder appeals, including an appeal against 30 years jail term for double murders by Isaac Boy Nkhwa, and other robbery and rape appeals.

Unofficial reports are that the coming Court of Appeal session will be held in the new Court of Appeal offices in Gaborone.


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