Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Cresta reaches P2m in donations to Masiela

Cresta Marakanelo last week made a whooping P100,000 donation to the Masiela Trust Fund. The donation, received by Vice President Mompati Merafhe on behalf of the organisation’s patron, Margaret Nasha, raised to P2 million its total contributions to the hotel made to the hotel over their eight year association.

In 2001, Cresta Marakanelo made a bold decision to deduct P1.00 out of every occupied room per night in all its eight hotels towards donations every quarter to a charitable organisation.

“One of the beneficiaries of this decision is the Masiela Trust Fund. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have held on to that promise since then, and we are still eager to keep on fulfilling it,” said Cresta Marakanelo managing director, Tawanda Makaya.

HIV and the socio-economic challenges that Botswana faces have put a strain on the country’s resources, prompting the establishment of charitable organisations like the Masilela Trust Fund to complement government efforts and strengthen community initiatives in the care of children who have fallen prey to the problems of HIV.
Makaya said Cresta was impressed by the trust fund’s initiatives and objectives and found it fitting that they instigate a partnership with a view to donating funds on a regular basis.

Botswana has in excess of 55,000 orphans registered with the Department of Social Services, and there are clear indications that there are even more orphans who are not accounted for.

While government has made a commitment to provide for these orphans, the task is insurmountable, and efforts of the corporate world and charitable organisations like the Masiela Trust Fund have always been commended as they assist government in caring for the needy.

Cresta Marakanelo was one of the first corporations to make a commitment to charity organisations like the Masiela Trust Fund in response to former President, Festus Mogae’s clarion call for a war on HIV/AIDS.

The trust disburses these resources to non-governmental organisations directly involved in the care of orphans and vulnerable children. The assistance at this level translates to material support in the form of food and clothing, counselling, psycho-social support, capacity building and provision of shelter.


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