Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Cricket developmental programme expanding

The developmental programme for government schools at Botswana Cricket Association is growing at an incredible rate in the country, considering the short time it has been in existence, this according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Botswana Cricket Association (BCA), Girish Ramakrishna.

This week the BCA confirmed that it had recruited another batch of schools outside Gaborone, this time in Selibe Phikwe.

The programme has announced that it recently added 27 new schools from Selibe Phikwe as well as Mmadinare areas.

The numbers of the students from the different schools is yet to be revealed. There were about 11 schools coming from the Selibe Phikwe areas, primary schools such as Boitshoko, Boitumelo, Boswelakgomo, Botshabelo, Joseph Anderson, Lapologang, Phikwe, Reuben Mpabanga, Segomotso, Tebeogo and Tlhabologo.

The schools from Phikwe were, however, dominated by the ones from Mmadinare area, which have managed to cough up 16 primary schools, such as Diloro, Gojwane, Kgagodi, Kelele, Letsibogo, Mmadinare, Mogapinyana, Phethu Mphoeng, Robelela, Sedibe, Serule, St Peters, Tlapalakoma, Tobane, Tshokwe, and Fole primary schools.

Last weekend, the BCA hosted a two-day orientation workshop for government primary school teachers in Selibe-Phikwe. The orientation programme comes as another one of the BCA’s initiatives to introduce cricket to more government primary schools nation-wide.

Ramakrishna has in the past stressed that it’s important for them to train the teachers because they were the ones who could better train the children as they spend more time with them than the coaches do.

He said teachers were also in a better position to become interested in the game when they knew what it was all about and their level of interest would be infectious to their students.


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