Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Cricket Holiday programme well received

During the recent government primary schools holidays, the Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) held a training programme for students enrolled under its cricket development programme.

The Holiday programme was carried out in different regions throughout the country. The general overview of the programme as presented by the BCA is that the programme was well received by most participating schools, with the exception of those schools that have low level teachers’ participation. Girish Ramakrishna, the BCA’s Chief Executive Officer, said the programme has seen better participation by school kids from Satellite, Pelotshwaana, Ikhutseng and Maradu primary schools.

“It should also be noted that there has been a consistency in the general attendance of the programme from the above mentioned schools, thereby allowing pupils in these schools to progress quite well,” said Ramakrishna. However, girls’ participation in the programme has been fluctuating of late because they normally require some kind of motivation to generate their interest and commitment to the sport.

Ramakrishna also said that although that might be the case, there are those girls that have shown interest and consistency in the programme and who are already stable enough to meet the demands of the game.

The CEO said that they have no problem whatsoever with the boy child’s participation in the programme, adding that the boys are continually getting enthusiastic with the activities carried during the programme. The practice session for the programme had been divided into zones, the western, central, North and the Eastern zone.

“The western Zone has seen greater participation/attendance on daily sessions we hold and the numbers have been so encouraging in this area, with an average of 35 pupils per session,” said Ramakrishna.

It’s said that the Central/North zone was not consistent, with an average of between 15-20 pupils turning up daily while the Eastern Zone has had 24 boys and 6 girls coming for each session.
Ramakrishna said that they have identified five young talents named Kagiso, Kabo, Agisanang, Kaelo and Onkemetse.

He also said that the programme would not have been successful had it not been for the committed teachers who sacrificed their holiday time to help the kids in their training, teachers such as Kuda Molebedi of Satellite school, Mrs Mangisi and Mrs. Rapelang of Pelotshwaana school, France Obakeng of Mokaleng primary, Mr Tafa from Our lady school as well as Mrs. Molefe of Patlhogo Primary School.


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