Sunday, June 16, 2024

Crime rocks Gaborone Bus Rank

Soaring crime rates at the Gaborone Bus Rank continue to give the police sleepless nights. The bus rank is one of the busiest places in the city. Officers at Borakanelo police station say they are kept on their toes as they have to keep a step ahead of devious criminals who always come up with innovative ways to dispossess unsuspecting members of the public of their hard earned belongings.

“We monitor a trading area that is littered with retail stores, small enterprises and clothing stores. There is a lot of movement at the bus rank, and a lot of stolen goods are traded there,” said Special Constable Oreneile Kgagamedi.

He said they deal with all sorts of crimes, including shop-lifting, armed robbery and murder. Crime is also exacerbated by the high number of unemployed people who frequent the bus rank.
He added that fighting crime should not be the responsibility of the police alone as members of the public also have to lend a hand.

“Crime will continue to grow if all stakeholders do not play their part. People should not buy stolen goods, and they should report any incidents of crime to the police,” said Constable Keepile Baledi.


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