Thursday, May 23, 2024

Zimbabwean crime syndicate rocks Tlokweng

Zimbabwean robbers are having a field day in Tlokweng where the winter chill is forcing villagers to retire to bed early.

Tlokweng Police Station Commander, Robson Maleka, says cases of robbery and theft in Tlokweng have shot up in June and the culprits are mostly Zimbabwean illegal immigrants who rob villagers in their sleep.

Tlokweng is usually a sleepless village with bars in every corner opening until the wee hours of the morning; the winter chill, is however, driving bar patrons to their beds early surrendering the streets to robbers.

“A number of people have been robbed in their sleep while others found their houses broken into when returning home from work” and the suspects are mostly Zimbabwean criminals, said Maleka.

He told Sunday Standard that Tlokweng Police Station police records at least three robbery and theft cases involving Zimbabweans every week.

Last week, three Zimbabwean robbers were arrested for house breaking and 13 for breaking into cars and common theft. He said the pattern suggests the work of an organized robbery syndicate.

He said the police have intensified their patrols to keep Tlokweng safer this winter.


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