Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Criminals target police quarters

Because of their unusual working hours, criminals are now targeting police officers’ quarters. This was evident at a recent trial at Gaborone customary court presided by deputy court president, Daniel Setshwane.

Emmanuel Molefhe, 24, from Mochudi, was caught red-handed inside a police quarter belonging to Constable Thabo Phadi of Gaborone police station.

Leading evidence in court, Phadi said at past midnight on January 12, 2007, he was in the sitting room with one Masego Tuelo watching television.

The lights in the sitting room were out except the light from the screen, he said.

Suddenly there was a rattle on the outside of the door as someone was tempering with the lock, trying to unlock it. Eventually the door was opened, Phadi said.

Emmanuel Molefhe appeared in the sitting room.

“He put the lights on and was surprised to see us in the sitting room. It was the first time to see him.”

Upon enquiries, Molefhe failed to either account for his intentions in the house or where he got the key.

Phadi further said upon realizing that Molefhe was on to something bad, they called the police immediately and he was arrested.

The key he used to unlock the door was seized as an exhibit.

“Police officers work during the day and night and, as such, are vulnerable to criminals,” Phadi said.

Tuelo also gave his testimony and corroborated what Phadi had said.

For his part, Molefhe, who pleaded not guilty, failed to give his side of the story and Setshwane concluded he wanted to waste the court’s time.

He was found guilty.

The Court took into consideration that Molefhe was a first offender, but because of the seriousness of the case, he was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.

In another case, two Zimbabwean males were arraigned before Gaborone West customary court for idling.

Constable Ranku said Bongani Ncube, 28, of Bulawayo’s Nkulumane location, and Brian Dube, 19, also of Bulawayo, were, in the early morning hours of January 12, 2007 found by a police patrol team loitering along the Western by-pass. Upon seeing the police, the duo took to their heels.

They were arrested later at a homestead in Gaborone West having taken shelter in a toilet.

They failed to account for what they wanted to do at that odd time.

The Court warned, cautioned and discharged them.


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