Monday, April 22, 2024

Police station commander reinstated

Ramotswa Police Station Commander, Superintendent Sarah Gabathuse, has been reinstated following her suspension over theft allegations.

Police spokesman, Christopher Mbulawa, confirmed this week that Gabathuse is back at the station.
Mbulawa would not provide further details as to when the investigations were conducted and concluded nor whether the investigations were conducted internally.

“There is no case against her,” was all Mbulawa told The Telegraph on Monday. Our sister publication, The Sunday Standard reported last year that Gabathuse was suspended over allegations that she may have helped herself to an amount of P900 belonging to the State admission of guilt purse.

A junior police officer apparently confronted her about the missing money before reporting the station commander to the superiors in Gaborone.

Gabathuse is in charge of one of the less resourced police stations in the country but with huge challenges owing to its proximity to the border with South Africa.

The police and members of the Botswana Defence Force are constantly patrolling along the border fence, a dilapidated one that separates the villages of Ramotswa and Moshana of Botswana and South Africa, respectively. Cattle rustlers and vehicle thieves have taken advantage of the state of the fence over the years, eluding the poorly resourced police as they cross the border to either side with their ill gotten gains.


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