Monday, July 15, 2024

Daisy Loo busy recruiting after judicial management

After a lengthy court battle that resulted in the company being put under judicial management to avoid liquidation, Daisy Loo is finally back in full operation. Daisy Loo is finally back on its feet after winning a protracted legal battle against the Gaborone City Council and being awarded P36 million. During the case, Daisy Loo was put under judicial management to avoid liquidation and John Hinchliffe was appointed as the provisional judicial manager. But now Daisy Loo has won its case and received P36 million in payment from the GCC, and the company has now embarked on a recruitment exercise.

The company has put up advertisements for the positions of fleet and operations manager, sales and marketing manager as well as an accountant. In the advertisements, Daisy Loo is looking for Batswana who are self motivated. The company also states that it aims to enhance its services and re-establish its brand in the waste management market industry country wide.

Last week, Gaborone High Court judge, Bengbame Sechele ruled that Daisy Loo should be removed from judicial management.

This was after the company’s Managing Director, Moemedi Dijeng, applied for the company to be removed from judicial management following the favorable judgment. Meanwhile Sechele is expected to deliver judgment in a case in which Gaborone Deputy Sheriff Joseph Kokeletso has applied to the court seeking to be paid fees for work he carried out on behalf of Daisy Loo, estimated at around P1 million. Kokeletso expected to be paid after the trial had ended but that did not happen, and he later engaged Keikantse Moesi to make an application to the court asking for payment.


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