Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Date Set for Ms Universe Botswana

The date for one of the most coveted title in Botswana, Miss Universe Botswana has been set for September 7th 2013 at the Gaborone International Convention Centre. Managing organizer Saffie Sekgwa explained that whoever scoops the will proceed to compete for the Miss Universes title alongside 57 other countries in Moscow, Russia billed for November 9th 2013.

Sekgwa also stated at a media briefing that as Miss Universe Botswana they take pride in transparency as organizers to avoid any forms of controversy. He further stated that to monitor their affairs, each of the 12 contestants have a file which every move, decision and suggestion is documented for future reference should any irregularities occur.

Fellow organizer, Boingotlo Setlalekgosi told members of the press that prior to the crowning of Miss Universe Botswana the ladies will be taken a boot camp at the Makgadikgadi in preparation for the final night. Among many things Setlalekgosi explained that the girls will be introduced to basic etiquette on how to behave as a beauty queen. How to speak, how to sit, how to eat, how to walk, posture, what to say and how to say it will be part of their training. The girls will also be taught how to put on makeup and decide on the type of clothes to choose to wear for different occasions. To ensure the success of all this Setlalekgosi added that they had engaged a professional image consultant for all the preening.

At the Makgadikgadi Pans the girls will also be able to learn more and appreciate the aesthetics available in Botswana as the Pans are internationally recognized landmarks. Since most of them are also from Gaborone and surrounding areas, Setlalekgosi will also get an opportunity to witness the way of life of the people in rural areas as well as their culture and trends.

The boot camp will according to Sekgwa mark the official beginning of the road to the crown because the finalists will be judged and awarded on their participation in the activities planned for their time there. These points will then be added to the points earned during the grand finale and a queen will be crowned.

“We have done it before and we can do it again, “said Sekgwa who is still adamant that Botswana has the most beautiful girls in the world, with reference to Mpule Kwelagobe’s victory in 1999. Though mum about the prizes the girls should expect he did let it slip that the queen will get a scholarship for a course in New York, USA.


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