Thursday, July 18, 2024

DCEC calls off probe into Ngwato land board

Due to lack of tangible evidence that could have pinned down some Ngwato Land Board officials  for corrupt practices, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) has finally called off the investigation on corruption allegations surrounding the allocation of ranches by the Land board in 2010.

Fresh information reaching the publication indicates that a group of farmers is considering approaching the High Court to suspend recently advertised ranch allocations.

The aggrieved farmers want the Ngwato Land Board to resolve the 2010 issues that are still pending before allocating the latest batch of ranches. 

“It is heartbreaking that there were numerous complains that were forwarded to the land board and DCEC. Surprisingly they have the strength to advertise today,” they say.

They questioned that why should DCEC take such a long time without giving any feedback to them as whistle blowers.

 DCEC spokesperson Nliyadzi Gambule said it is true that we have been investigating Ngwato land board following corruption allegations regarding farm ranches that were allocated by sometime in 2010.

He explained that the public should understand that DCEC investigations by nature take quite a long time due to a number of factors.

“We do not want to do shoddy work therefore the public should always bear that in mind .”

He said in this case, the investigations were carried out and it turned out that there was not enough evidence that warrants continuing with the investigations.

The investigations were then called off but it does not mean that the case is completely dead. If it happens that new evidence emerges the investigations will commerce where they were left off.

“It it should be noted that generally DCEC is doing its level best to investigate land issues in which ┬áthere are a number of such cases that are still under investigations. Other cases are before the magistrate courts and others have been prosecuted “.

 He urged the public to always assist DCEC with any information regarding corruptions practices.

In a brief press statement Ngwato Land board spokesperson Shirley Tsheko stated that they cannot respond to Ranch allocations done in 2010 now. “Otherwise it will derail the focus on processing of the current advertised ranches”.


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