Monday, April 22, 2024

DCEC launches Community Anti-Corruption Club in Mahalapye

As part of its efforts to purge corruption, the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) officially launched a Community Anti-Corruption Club (CACC) last week in Mahalapye.

The club, which is an extension arm of the DCEC, comprises of community members and was established in 2011. The prime objective of the club is to help clean out corruption practices and to educate the public about the evils brought about by corruption malpractices.

Giving a keynote address during the launch, the Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Keletso Rakhudu, said that the club is a very important initiative as it will help DCEC in its battle to curb corruption. He said that corruption is a reality and added that some Batswana continue to indulge in corrupt activities.

“DCEC found it befitting to officially launch this club in Mahalapye in order to help government fight corruption. There are similar clubs in Moshupa, Thamaga and Maun. DCEC should also be commended for its continued efforts to educate more people in villages around the country about the evils of corruption,” he said.

He assured the participants at the event that CACC is fully registered with the Registrar of Societies and has a legitimate certificate of registration. Touching on the theme of the launch theme, ”Bridging the gap between the DCEC and the Community,” Rakhudu said that theme clearly implies that DCEC can only achieve its mandate by collaborating with the communities.

“It is very important for DCEC to work closely with communities to root out corruption and achieve its mandate. It is pleasing to note that CACC members have taken it upon themselves to educate fellow members and members of the public in general about corruption, to come up with new methods of fighting corruption, to utilize existing methods to fight corruption and to generate ideas on how to raise funds towards fighting corruption,” he said.

Rakhudu said that members of CACC have already been engaged in workshops organized by DCEC last year to familiarize them with the objectives of DCEC and the importance of CACC. He encouraged the village leaders to support the club for it to be able to bear fruit. He said that it is very important for community leaders to play an active role in making sure that that the community does not fall prey to corruption practices.

“This, therefore, means that people in Mahalapye will always encounter members of CACC soliciting help from them in order to be able to carry out their mandate.

Rakhudu showered praises on DCEC for engaging the communities in its fight against corruption.
“I do not see how DCEC can fight corruption on its own without the participation of members of the public or the communities,” he said.


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