Friday, July 19, 2024

Dell launches pro-support service in Botswana

A leading American technology company, Dell, has launched its ProSupport service in Botswana.

The Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite includes Dell ProSupport Plus, Support Assist automated support technology, Dell ProSupport Flex for Data Centre and TechDirect online case management and self-dispatch tool.

Launching the Pro support service, the firm’s director of service, John Reynolds, said the new product encompasses Dell’s industry leading technical support, Dell spare parts network and Dell certified field engineers in Botswana.

“This is a result of a significant transformation that Dell has completed in the past seven years through the advancement of support and technical service,” said Reynolds.

The Pro-Support service offers base level support where customers can directly contact the call centre and ask for help.

“We are eager to compress the downtime window for the customers. However, we are still 100 percent partner driven; we will always transact with customers through partners,” revealed Reynolds.

Dell has 31 000 skilled people who are ready to help customers with pro-support and care support services in Botswana. The Dell customers in Botswana will now get all the benefits of Dell pro-support services in the exact manner as customers in Europe and the USA.

Apart from helping grow Dell’s footprint in the region, ProSupport is expected to give consumers in Africa swift response from the company’s technical team.

In the same vein, Bradford Mackenzie, the Sales and Services manager at Dell said several factors influenced Dell to commence ProSupport in Botswana ahead of other countries in the Southern Africa region.

He said the factors include political stability and good doing business rankings coupled with recommendations from their locally registered distributors.

Botswana is the 11th country Dell has now launched the service in and will introduce the service to other African markets. The platform already launched in South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and Algeria is expected to be rolled into 15 countries in Africa by next year.

“We are on a serious drive about investment into Africa and aggressive in terms of expanding our services,” McKenzie said.

With new support offerings and automation, customers can improve the hardware performance and stability in the data center, leverage the insights gained through intelligent data and increase the productivity of their teams.


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