Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Deputy Sheriff turns on Daisy Loo

After successfully attaching Gaborone City Council property in 2005, forcing government to issuing a P24 million cheque Daisy Loo, Gaborone deputy sheriff Joseph Kokeletso has now turned his guns on erstwhile client, daisy Loo demanding over half a million pula in deputy sheriff charges and commission. Kokeletso has instructed lawyers Keikanetswe Moesi to write to the Daisy Loo judicial manager, John Hincliffe demanding payment. The letter reads in part: “We act for deputy sheriff Joseph Kokeletso . We are instructed that on 14 July 2005 client acting on the instructions of Daisy Loo attorneys executed the writ of execution by placing several of properties belonging to GCC”. The letter further states that “ It is now common cause that the client was not paid for his dues following what transpired after the attachment .

Client’s deputy sheriff charges are P3, 350 whilst deputy sheriff commission is P546,229,70”. The attorney’s letter also demands that the amount be paid with interest. Hincliffe declined to comment saying, “I do not think it will be proper to discuss this matter with the press”. Before engaging Moesi, Kokeletso said had been given many promises by the lawyers who were engaged in the matter for months after that he decided to engage lawyers. “I was left with no other option but to engage another attorney to get my payments for me”, he said. After all the work he has done for Daisy Loo, he said that he never thought it would end up this way.


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