Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Dinaledi dimmed at Namibia Pent Series

Botswana netball senior national team has failed to impress at the just ended Namibia Pent Series this past week, losing several games in succession.

The only notable win for the team was against rivals Zimbabwe, who they beat Zimbabwe 47 to 43.

According to Botswana Netball Association (BONA) Public Relations Officer (PRO) Mokeresete Mokeresete, the girls played their last game against Tanzania on Monday.

“Our play is getting better with every game which is a positive thing for us. I thought we played better and applied ourselves well against Zimbabwe. Definitely the win against Zimbabwe has brought life and self belief and the confidence to the team. One thing we need to appreciate is that African Netball is growing in limps and bounds. It is such a positive development to see a record 9 teams competing at Africa Netball Cup,” added Mokeresete.

He further noted that it is also pleasing to see all countries being so competitive. “It is not easy anymore to easily predict the results of the match when African countries are facing each other. This is a development on its own, now a wake-up call to all Netball nations to give it their all when preparing for tournaments,” he added.

Furthermore, the BONA PRO noted that despite their losses, it is not an easy thing to find the combinations to win games. He said “It takes some more game time to find the rhythm. It took us 6 games to find our feet and get things right. That being said, it calls for the team to be together long enough and have match practices to bring it into to the right shape before major international events.”

“From here we are preparing for the Africa Netball Cup, we will be starting preparations for Africa World Netball Cup Qualifiers which will be held sometime next year. So, the team to be kept more together in camps both locally and outside and also play as many international friendly games as possible,” concluded Mokeresete.


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