Monday, February 26, 2024

What is next for Chiefs?

Following a failed attempt to gain promotion to the Botswana Premier League (BPL), Kgatleng giants Mochudi Centre Chiefs’ future is now shifting attention to commercializing.

 At the moment, the team is said to be on the brink of commercialization, with almost 90% of the job done. Once completed, the move will see the fallen Kgatleng giants transform from a society to a company.

 In a letter from Botswana Football Association (BFA), ‘Magosi,’ as Chiefs is affectionately known, have received all necessary documentation to process the application for the transfer and change of status. 

 Once the request is approved, and in line with its status as a commercial entity, the team will be able to officially change its name from Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting Club to Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting Club (PTY) Ltd. The change of name will come into effect during the 2022/2023 season.

 In anticipation of the new status, a division of the team shares has already been agreed. Of the team’s 100% shares, 10% will be reserved for members or supporters under the guardianship of chairman Edwin Mothulatshipi, 20% will go to the team’s founding members while the remaining 70% will be given to the team’s investors.

 In an interview with Sunday Standard sport, Mothulatshipi noted that there had been five potential sponsors who after due diligence were trimmed. “After some thorough review, there are only three potential investors remaining. They will be assessed thoroughly looking at their offers and how they will benefit the team,” he explained.

 The Chiefs’ executive committee chairperson Mothulatshipi said now they await the team’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) where his executive will give supporters some feedback on the developments in their team.

 “We are still awaiting the Treasurer to finish up on her financial report which is of vital importance to the members. She promised to hand it over on the 2nd of July 2022, hence we will be able to set a date for the AGM successfully,” he explained.

“Since next season we will be operating as a company and not society, we have signed a memorandum of understanding which is not legally binding,” added Mothulatshipi.

 He further highlighted that they are working on how to recognize branches. “Our intention is now to engage branch chairs on issues of affiliating to the (PTY) Ltd, number of branches to be recognized, monthly subscriptions as well as to make sure they are fully behind their team in all aspects and benefit from the team they love,” he said.

 On his stay at the helm of Chiefs, Mothulatshipi noted that all he wanted and has half achieved was to unify all MCC stakeholders, maintain good governance and accountability, financial prudence as well as take the team to premier league, of which the latter he failed to deliver after Chiefs faltered in the promotional playoff.


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