Saturday, May 28, 2022

DIS boss vows to resign if hit list exists

Director of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DIS), Isaac Kgosi, has promised to resign if indeed there is a hit list targeted at political leaders and union activists who have been earmarked for elimination. When presenting before the public accounts committee (PAC) this week, Kgosi put his job on the liner and promised to resign as head of Botswana’s intelligence organisation if indeed the alleged hit list exists. He also vowed that if the alleged hit list is found to be authentic, and his officers are implicated, he would waive the privileges enjoyed by himself and his officers and surrender to the relevant authorities for prosecution.

Kgosi was responding to a question by Kentse Rammidi, who had sought clarity on the alleged intelligence hit list. He described the hit list allegations by opposition leaders, among them Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President Duma Boko, as embarrassing. “I think some of the people who allege that there is a hit list must have seen it in their dreams or watched some movies. I would resign if such a hit list exists,” said Kgosi. He described the allegations as shocking, saying he is a hands-on person who is aware of every operation that is conducted by his officers.

He added that he has also enquired from the police if they were aware of the existence of such a hit list and the response he got was in the negative. “I’m still waiting for the hit list. People should not get excited over things like this especially during the build up to the general elections,” he said. Kgosi also revealed that he even got a phone call from his mother asking if it was true that he was killing people. “It is embarrassing for some of our elders to be alleging that there is such a hit list. What is also surprising is that the hit list allegation is peddled by people from the opposition,” he said. Rammidi reminded Kgosi that he is a civil servant who would not be able to respond to such allegations because they were made at a political rally. He advised him to call a stakeholders meeting at which he would respond to the allegations, to which Kgosi agreed.

“As a way forward, I will take your advice and also bring this matter to the attention of the Intelligence Committee Chairperson,” he said. PAC chairman, Nehemiah Modubule, rebuffed Kgosi’s assertion that the intelligence community was not in the habit of killing civilians, saying he has never heard of any country in which security agents have confirmed or agreed that they were assigned to assassinate people.

On other issues, Kgosi said since he disclosed in a previous PAC session that there were Satanism activities in the country, people have become excited and are busy sucking blood from others. He refused to share details of the DIS findings on Satanism in Botswana, saying he would rather do that in a closed session. Isaac Mabiletsa had wanted to know what the DIS was doing to address Satanism activities in the country.


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