Monday, May 20, 2024

DIS concerned about increasing criminal activities in Francistown

The Director General of the Department of Intelligence Services (DIS), Isaac Kgosi, has said that the city of Francistown is becoming a concern to his organization due to the escalation of criminal activities there.

Giving a speech about the mandate of the security agents during a full council meeting in the Francistown City Council last week, Kgosi said that due to the city’s being a gateway to neighbouring countries and its proximity to the Dukwi Refugee Camp, his department has so far managed to break many criminal syndicates in Francistown.

“I need to highlight that Francistown itself has become a hub of criminal syndicates and other illegal dealings, perhaps due to the fact that it is a gate way into other African countries and due to its proximity to the Dukwi Refugee Camp,” he said.

Kgosi stated that his department acknowledges the fact that some of the refugees in the country are involved in criminal activities and are becoming a threat to national security, adding that they tarnish the image of Francistown.

He went on to say that although DIS has been labeled as a bad organization, the organ is mandated with the national security of the citizens.

“My department has managed to uncover a lot of criminal activities that include human trafficking, weapons smuggling, drug trafficking and a lot of other ills posing a threat to national security,” he said.

He further stated that DIS had worked with various departments in Botswana, like the Department of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), to uproot a lot of criminal activities and help save the government millions of funds.

He stated that DIS has managed to make a breakthrough in which some criminals were arrested and are awaiting prosecution.

Kgosi also mentioned that the Francistown City Council members need to be vigilant because there are some foreign business people who operate illegally in the city and who are involved in illegal and criminal activities.

“We have in our records some businesses, which were found to be operating illegally here in Francistown and there are some that are involved in illegal money laundering,” he said.


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