Thursday, July 7, 2022

Diversify your holiday activities

A lot of times when travelling is mentioned, the only thing that comes to people’s minds is that it is very expensive and this is because people only associate travelling with leaving the country or going to the well-known local tourist destinations. Holiday travelling is all about going to new places, but mostly natural places so that you can see things that are different from what you see in your daily life and experiencing experiences that are different from what you have been experiencing daily and this does not necessarily have to come at a big price.

The magic behind a holiday is the change it brings into your life though the experience of driving or flying off, the differences between the destinations you visit and the one you have been in all year long and the different people and cultures you get to experience.

All this is very relaxing, it brings excitement back into life and leaves one wanting to live life even more. Life is really all about working and making progress in whatever we do and we cannot work all year round without getting our energy re-filled and that is what the holidays are supposed to do, re-fill our energy and leave us ready to make even further progress in our lives.

So it is very important to identify those activities that will relax you as compared to draining your energy off during the holidays.

It is also important to identify activities that will inspire you as compared to de-motivate you because the holiday is the only time where you get to take a pit stop and re-fill yourself with energy, motivation and inspiration for another year long marathon that will come soon after. It is also important to do something different from what you did the previous holiday so that you get to experience something new and different each time.

I do not have a problem with our cultural way of spending the holidays, where everyone goes to their home village and gets to meet the whole family to catch up on life and just be merry together.

However this way of spending the holidays can get very monotonous hence failing to deliver the benefits of a holiday, it also becomes the only time when families come together to discuss their problems and this becomes mentally draining and of course this also fails to deliver the benefits of a holiday.

Not forgetting that when the whole extended family is together there is always more work to do, more cooking and more washing of dishes and cleaning, you would think that because there are so many people present the work will be evenly divided and everyone will get their small portion of work, but no, there will be a few unlucky ones who will be doing most of the work while everyone else is lazing around, this too fails to deliver the benefits of a holiday.
Just take a moment and think about travelling, travelling to some nature rich destination or just taking a road trip across new places. You don’t have to put too much thought into it but just bring a few people together, share the transportation costs, look for proper accommodation, share its costs as well and just drive.

Take another moment to think about how easy it would be to take a road trip across Botswana, just taking a few days drive will give you a very refreshing experience. Botswana has a variety of beautiful nature to offer, it has wildlife, a desert, vegetation, inland water and a variety of cultures and because of its compact size you can get to experience a lot from just a few days road trip. Imagine travelling the Central District, you can drive to Mahalapye and while you are there take a little trip to Kalamare and Mmutane to experience the natural vegetation in its true and untouched form. Moving further to Palapye you can make a turn to Serowe and visit the Khama Rhino sanctuary after which you will drive past Orapa up to the small villages in the Makgadikgadi Pans area.

Such villages as Tshwagong, Kanixao and Tsharaga will not just give you the beauty of nature as is but also the beauty of culture and its diversity. On your return you can take the Francistown route and get a sneak peak of the North East region.

In this area you can visit villages such as Tshesebe, Jakalas No2 and Matiloje to appreciate the difference this region has to offer compared to the previous region. Travelling also gives a different experience each time because you are at liberty to choose different destinations and there are a lot of destinations in Botswana that can be visited in a similar manner as above.

So consider adding travelling to your holidays to do list because it never fails to deliver the benefits of a holiday, instead of doing the same things year after year diversify your activities by taking a little drive across the country and when the holidays are over you would be fresh and ready to give life your best shot.


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