Thursday, April 18, 2024

DJ Fresh and Euphonik release F.eU-Fresh and Euphonik

DJ Fresh & Euphonik are undoubtedly the most dominant house DJ’s in South Africa. Both of the spin doctors have for the last few years dominated the South African entertainment industry, and they are followed by thousands of fans wherever they play.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik have now joined forces to create F.eU, a collaboration that features the two DJ’s playing side by side in three hour explosive sets. The two have been hosting major gigs under the F.eU Productions label for over a year and a half, and their popularity and following has been rising ever since. While fans have been clamoring for F.eU to release a collaborative album, the wait is finally over as the two house maestros have announced the imminent release of the widely anticipated collaborative album, aptly named F.eU-Fresh and Euphonik. The album will be released through the two’s long standing label partner, Soul Candi Records.

When two of Africa’s house power houses join forces, fans can expect nothing short of a nuclear house explosion.

F.eU-Fresh and Euphonik is undoubtedly the most widely anticipated house album of the year, and fans will without a doubt be lining up at records stores to get a copy.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik last week proudly announced that the album has hit stores in South Africa, and it will soon be available in Botswana, probably by the end of March.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik have been hosting successful events under the F.eU moniker for eighteen months now, and for fans this album has been a long time coming. The two-disc compilation features a disc from each DJ. The pair have hand-picked and mixed thirty of the world’s biggest dance tracks including releases from the likes of Dennis Ferrer, John Dahlback and local hit-maker DJ Clock, not to mention a large amount of their own production.

“The genre is typical of our style; crossover, boundary-breaking music that appeals across all ages and races”, explains Euphonik. The F.eU album will be launched in Gaborone during an exclusive event at Bull & Bush on the 1st of April featuring Local DJ’s Kuchi, C4 & Shimrock. The launch will provide a sneak preview into the album and also give Fresh and Euphonik the opportunity to give Botswana their first experience of the unforgettable F.eU house experience. The duo also has plans to launch their own brand of flavored mineral water. F.eU is set to be a force to be reckoned with. They are currently in Miami USA for the Miami Winter Music Conference, flying the African flag sky high. Fans should expect an explosive once in a lifetime experience on the 1st of April at Bull & Bush.


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