Monday, August 8, 2022

DJ Kuchi ÔÇô DJ and producer extraordinaire

After producing for many artists in and outside Botswana during the past 5 -6 years, DJ Kuchi, better known as Kunaal Jinabhai, feels it is now time to drop his own album.

The DJ is currently working hard in his studio, cooking his debut offering, which he believes will be out sometimes by the middle of this year.

The 26-year-old DJ and producer extraordinaire, who is a resident DJ at Bull & Bush, says it is now his time to break into the already saturated and difficult to conquer market.

Having been a resident DJ at Bull & Bush for the past nine years, DJ Kuchi feels he now has the experience needed to try it on his own.

“I have always had passion for music since my early age and I started my DJing career when I was aged 15 years. I always saw DJs playing and believed I could do better. One day, I asked a DJ to let me play and he granted me the opportunity and I have been playing ever since,” Kuchi told Lifestyle. “I’d like to break into the South African market, then internationally. I feel that every producer has his or her own sound and should be heard. We all have something unique to bring to the table.” Armed with an impressive resume, DJ Kuchi seemed destined for greater things.

He has already played alongside some of the best known DJs in the industry, including Fresh, Euphonik, Kent, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song Christos, Ricardo da Costa (Soul Candi), Claude, Blackwhole, Soul T and many others.

He has also produced for some South African DJs, with his song, “The Beginning,” which was remixed by DJ Fresh making it into the album DJ Fresh & Euphonic Volume 1 compilations.

His other song, ‘Spinning ÔÇô Kuchi’s Life Mix’ made it into DJ Blackwhole’s On Another Level Remixes album.

Locally, he has produced for a number of artists, among them Mr O, of Tshaba Tshutshu fame and his production, titled ‘Release’ will be in Zeus next offering.

But if his current tracks for his upcoming album are anything to go by, then breaking into the market will not be much of a challenge. Though some of the tracks are still work in progress, his collaboration with RJ Benjamin on the track ‘If it ain’t love’ and another collaboration with Bernie on the track ‘Boy I need you’ on the upcoming album will sure put him up there with the best.

“I would like to express my gratitude to DJ Fresh, Tshepo ‘Rox’ Sikwane and a lot of other people who have been there for me. Fresh has been very helpful and he has contributed a lot to my growth,” Kuchi said.

For those who have not yet been to Bull & Bush to see Kuchi, the wait will soon be over.
“I plan to go on a tour once the album is complete,” he said.


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