Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Does age really matter in love or marriage?

A lot of people would agree that every person in life aspires to have a family of their own. A man would love to have a wife of his own and create a family. Ditto a woman!

In the olden times, age was always regarded as a deciding factor when one was choosing a wife or husband. Does age really matter nowadays when it comes to marriage or love?
For some people, age difference is extremely important and they would carefully choose their partner looking at the age range. They feel much comfortable with the partners who are more mature and more responsible.

In the African traditional society, for example, men had to seek for a younger woman and a woman would seek for an older man to marry. This stemmed from the perception that a man should take care of a woman when she leaves her parents family; a woman was to look up to a man as the provider of security and more of a father figure. However, that perception is increasingly losing its foot hold.
 In the modern days, the notion of carefully choosing a partner considering age has outlived its usefulness with the emergence of women dating younger men. Restrictions of age in relationships and marriages are slowly diminishing.
Theo Dore (not his real name) told the Telegraph in an interview that he once dated older women before. He said that none of the relationships ever worked as they expected to settle and get married while he was not yet ready to settle due to his younger age.
“However I still feel that love has no age restrictions. Only social perceptions set boundaries within the pretext of moral grounds. Love should stem from the heart,” he added.
Lil Mosa also said that a lot of men now complain of dependent women, saying older women are financially stable and have careers; they have their own money and will not need any from the man.
“Older women are no longer looked upon with awe when they are with younger men. Men are also dating younger women who are old enough to be their daughters, why can’t women do so?” she asked.


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