Wednesday, July 24, 2024

DPP tight lipped on next step on DIS officer’s murder

The Directorate of┬áPublic Prosecution’s Abigail Hlabano is tight lipped on whether or not┬áthe DPP will charge anyone in connection with the death┬áof┬áDaniel Moilwa, an officer with the Directorate of┬áSecurity Intelligence, following the withdrawal of charges and the deportation┬áof┬áZimbabwean Blessing Mukweni, who was initially charged with Moilwa’s murder.

All attempts to get Hlabano to comment on the issue failed. She said that she had sent our questionnaire to relevant personnel in the Directorate but they had not yet responded.
“I have long sent the questionnaire to them but they have not yet responded to it,” was her only answer for the past┬átwo weeks.

Mukweni was initially arrested and charged with murder during an attempt to arrest him for undisclosed crimes late November last year. But during his brief appearances in the Broadhurst Magistrate Court, he maintained that the deceased was shot by another DSI operative whom he named. He maintained insisted that the exhibits that were obtained from the scene of the incident and sent for tests in laboratories would prove what he was saying.

Finally, the prosecution told the Court that they had the exhibits but then Mukweni was swiftly taken to Court and had charges against him withdrawn. He was then deported in haste and in secrecy. It is even not known whether his deportation was carried out under normal Immigration procedures.

The DSI has, since its formation, been condemned for several crimes, such as torture of civilians along with some security officers. The DSI condemnation has even reached Parliament where some Members of Parliament accused it of human rights violations.


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