Saturday, May 21, 2022

Dr Kabelo Mokgacha launches ‘Destiny Awake”

Dr Kabelo Mokgacha, a medical doctor by profession on Thursday introduced his first book to the public. The book which is titled ‘Destiny Awake’ was received with much excitement as the launch managed to attract quite a large crowd.

The book which is aimed at helping individuals reach their full potential is expected to be a great success and at the same time reach people globally. Speaking at the launch, Dr Mokgacha encouraged people to buy the book as it will help in making their lives easy. He said as a doctor and a man of God he saw it fit to write a motivational book that will help in improving many lives and bring hope to many lost souls.

“This book provides a ray of hope in this world we live in, we as human beings are sometimes met with obstacles that we least expect, these obstacles can be in the form of family problems, work problems, relationship problems, church problems and even marriage problems but all this does not mean we should throw in the towel and give up but we should be strong and trust that God can only give us battles he knows we will win,” he said.

He added that he believes that every human being is given birth with destiny wrapped within, which is the God intended life of an individual. “I believe that everybody is destined for greatness in their own right and this book will help one discover vital keys and steps to discovering one’s God given destiny,” he said.

Mokgacha continued that he called the book ‘Destiny Awake’ as the word destiny itself is a word that holds so much power. He said destiny means moving towards a definite destination or goal in life. “Everybody has their own destiny or goal that they wish to reach or make a reality. So the purpose of this book is to help people reach their destiny. The motivational quotes and verses in the book will not only give people light but will also guide them into living a righteous clean life,” he said.

He continued that the book targets all ages and is not a difficult book to read. “I did this book in a way that it will accommodate all ages, some of the chapters are supported by scriptures from the Bible and am sure everyone is familiar with Bible scriptures and can relate with them. So whether you are a teenager or old person, this book can help you live your life to the fullest and discover your purpose in life,” he said.

Mokgacha is not only a medical doctor but is also a teacher, international speaker and minister of the gospel who has been used by God tremendously in many ways. He is a rising prolific and paradigm-shifting writer who has had the opportunity to give motivational talks across the globe.


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