Monday, May 23, 2022

FNB launches FirstPlus

Continuing with its tradition of banking innovation, the First National Bank Botswana (FNBB), a wholly owned subsidiary of First National Bank Holdings Botswana, has introduced a whole new way of banking excellence dubbed FirstPlus Campaign.

This campaign is expected to bring an innovative array of products and service from the bank.

Bomolemo Selaledi, the Head of Marketing and Communication, said historically, FNBB has always been active as a banker and provider of financial services to its customers. However, she said it is now going to the market with an array of solutions that have been bundled and packaged to meet a specific and growing need, proven through recent customer research feedback.

She further stated that the integrated campaign would still maintain a separate product identity and personality, though focusing on cross selling of the different single products as a bundled package.

“The main purpose is not only to sell the product or service sought by a customer, but also offer other value added features and products from other product houses and retail branches,” explained Selaledi.

Products available under FirstPlus include FirstCardPlus, referred to as FirstCard, e-Plus, known as Electronic Banking, MortgagePlus (home loans) ChequePlus (Cheque Accounts), SavingPlus (Savings Accounts), and WesBank (Wheels Plus).

Danny Zandamela, the Chief Executive Officer of FNBB, said this approach meets the stated needs of FNBB customers, as regards greater information on the products of the bank and their applicability to the needs of various clients.

Zandamela highlighted that the campaign is going to increase FNBB client’s access to the larger varying suite of products and value-adds.

“Thus will ensure that we respond to client requests coming out of customer satisfaction research, thereby continue building enduring and rewarding relationships,” he stated.


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