Sunday, June 23, 2024

Dreaming of ‘My African Dream’ finals

Maitisong recently held the country’s most exciting talent search event, My African Dream junior semi-finals.

After a number of impressive performances from the energetic contestants, only 6 qualified to compete at the finals, which are to be held on the 26th of October this year.

The diverse nature of the event presented the audience with singers, dancers of all sorts, and a school competition where Lethabile and Phakalane Primary schools were competing in the choir category.
Lethabile choir walked away with the chance to sing at the event’s final.

The school choir had sang a song urging everyone to get up and be the change they wanted to see in the world, one of Mahatma Gandhi’s many inspirational quotes.

The Talent Search had quite a number of sponsors this year, with Mascom Wireless being the main sponsor of the show.

It also received the support of Riverwalk, Botswana Television, Cresta, Air Botswana and Gabz Link, among many others.

As usual, Debbie Thompson and Kagiso Morebodi graced the event as presenters.

The top 6 who were chosen in random order were quite an impressive lot.
For starters, the only boy in the competition who was brave enough to compete in the singing category actually surprised the audience with his more than impressive voice.

Moonga Kapinga sang a love ballad as if it was heartfelt (only his age convinced us it wasn’t) and the audience absolutely adored him.
Being in the top 6 placed him as one of the night’s best performances.

And then there was the little girl who awed the audience with her Beyonce ÔÇôlike dance moves, (what has western culture done to our children?).
Little Hope Moyo showed everyone her flexibility as she danced to… you guessed it ÔÇô Beyonce’s song.

Wearing nothing but a tiny one-piece suit, she really could have given Beyonce a run for her money.

Then we had the Exotic twist dance duo that were ballroom dancing across the stage; their act was well practiced because they did not miss one step, and they seemed to work well together.

They deserved their place in the Top 6.
It would be a grave mistake to forget pointing out another great dancer, Jennifer Thapelo, another little girl whose dance moves had the audience in the palm of her hand.

Thapelo was dancing to house music in ways that are popular amongst Botswana’s local artists and the judges were impressed.

To serve proof of that, she is on her way to the finals.

Deanna Mangope was the beautiful young girl who made a mark by composing her own song and delivering it to the crowd.

She found a place for herself at the finals.

The Dangurie Dance Group chose an Indian dance theme and it landed them in the top 6 spot.

All in all, the show was worth attending, none of the contestants disappointed, not even those who didn’t make the top 6.


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