Sunday, April 21, 2024

My African Dream Junior semi-finals

This year’s My African Dream (MAD) junior semi-finals were characterized by singing and poetic performances, unlike the previous years where dance groups were the norm.

An annual event that has been in existence for well over 15 years, MAD searches for talented persons across the country and brings them into the spotlight.

The show had four singing groups, two poetry categories, beat box performance as well as dance categories.

Performing at the event were the two contestants from last year, MAD junior Viewers Runner-up Daphne Sekuni as well as MAD Junior Viewers Choice Winner Exotic twist Dance Duo.

The outstanding performance perhaps came from the schools challenge, which was a competition between three primary schools, Lethabile, Legae and Phakalane.

The winner, Phakalane Primary, received a standing ovation for their marimba version of the 2010 official World Cup song “Waka Waka” by Shakira and Freshlyground.

Legae Marimba was position two while Lethabile choir made position 3.
The top 6, which were in no particular order, were however dominated by dance groups and only two singers.

One unique act of the night was from Pego Mangope who made it to the top 6 through his beat boxing talent.

Voting for the contestants will be accessible to Mascom subscriber’s only. To vote for Mangope, the public has to send MAD 13 to 14222.

Two young boys from a group called Mogwana Development Team also impressed the audience with their traditional dancing and this led them to securing a place in the top 6.

Their dance moves were well co-ordinated and their acrobatics were up to speed. To vote for them, send 17 to 14222.

Lebogang Montshiwa’s voice left many girls in the audience speechless. He has an amazing voice but his only weakness was that at times it was barely audible because he held the microphone a little too far from his mouth.

Montshiwa had what was possibly the best voice of the night as he sang along to Chris Brown’s “Crawl”. His voting number is MAD 16.

Another performer who made it to the top 6 was Sheba Kapambwe who also sang.

Kapambwe’s performance was impressive but her voice could get better with time and more practice because although it was good, it lacked maturity. To vote for her, send MAD 14 TO 14222.
A little girl also had the audience marveling at her dancing skills.

Shanaya Kwape incorporated most of today’s popular dance moves into her act. She didn’t look a day past five but she remembered her routine and did it well. Her number is MAD 15.
A dancing group made of three boys called Junior Skycosite was the only Kwaito/House dancing outfit that made it to the top 6.

To vote for them, send MAD 18 to 14222.


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